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Positive Self Belief and Body Image

There is enough of a challenge in the commercial and profit driven fashion industry to look the part. I don't buy into any of it. There are enough stories out there about women who struggle with their body image believing what you look like determines who they are and what they can do. Then there are the real stories, the real truths about how we, as women, perceive ourselves. The research tells me that we, as individuals, will think of ourselves in a less positive light than we would about others.

Industries cash in on this.

They know how to lower our self esteem when we view a certain product. We then buy that product in order to make us feel better about ourselves albeit temporarily. This doesn't sit well for me particularly in the business I find myself in, the fashion industry. We have enough of a problem with Mental Health as it is - we don't need to be part of what makes us unwell, instead I wish to steer the business into one to be proud of, to celebrate who we are, each as individuals and what unique gift we have to give to the world.

What inspires me is those who are making a stand. Dove's Real Beauty campaign 10 years ago now, was one of the first to get the ball rolling. And as I look further into it, there are more and more people out there either brands, models or other such incredible individuals and businesses that have had enough.

We need to change the messaging.

We need to change the way we perceive ourselves.

We must do this for our health and wellbeing and for for others.

I've struggled with mental health after the birth of my gorgeous daughters, I know and can feel the pain of not feeling good enough. I'm ready to help change that. In my own little way, through this extraordinary vehicle called Mermaid In England, we champion revealing our real beauty, our inner beauty that lies within.

Be courageous.

Speak your truth.

Do things that make you truly happy.

Be true to yourself and you will shine.

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British Independent Retailer

~ Proudly Made In Britain ~

We are a small busines with a BIG idea and for us small business owners we try our best to test everything we do before we go big. This means we searched around for over a year to find the right suppliers, the right fabrics, the factory that could be part of the manufacturing of our unique swimwear.

The swimwear is designed in Bristol, by our very own Natasha, patterns created in Hertfordshire, fabric is Italian (our one vice to ensure a quality material is used) printed in Manchester, and all pieced together at our factory in Wales.

One thing for now for us is that manufacturing overseas doesn't add up.

The other thing is we know the people behind the supplies. We have formed relationships with them and can trust them, so I'd rather be asking them to help us out, and it's a win-win for us both.

We are supporting local industry, keeping the work within Britain helping keep people employed and local economies healthy. We are choosing to help families put food on their tables. For this alone it means our prices reflect the time, effort and skills to ensure all that work in our supply chain is high quality.

Keeping things local also means we are keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. We aren't shipping our stock from overseas from foreign factories. We in fact collect our stock from the factory ourselves - it's only an hours drive away! 

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Environmentally Passionate

It may be on trend and a smart move for business to become more environmentally conscious, but for me personally this runs deep. I studied Environmental Science at university and since then I knew it was in me to be aware of the mark we make on the environment. My choices reflect it.

I have been involved in helping marine mammals for a good long while too. Whilst at university I learned to scuba dive and from there the passion ignited. I was fortunate to travel and see some incredible species first hand. I helped with coral reef conservation projects, I met fascinating people that led me to working with marine mammals. From there I helped marine mammal conservation and rescue marine mammals. 

One event sticks in my mind in particular.

I got a call from ORRCA (Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia) - and is the most experienced and successful whale rescue organisation in Australia - one morning to go and investigate a sighting of a seal that had hauled out close to where I lived in Sydney. It was a leopard seal, barely recogniseable for it's despertae condition. She had hauled out in a cove just north of Sydney. It was the second in a week. Leopard seals live in the Antartic so this one had travelled a good long way, was malnourished and exhausted.

Sad thing is, although important for maintaining the fine ecological balance in remote places like Antartica, we were unable to re-release this beautiful seal back into the wild. She could have taken some 'foriegn' microbes back to the Antartic with her infecting the local populations. Instead I had the opportunity to rescue, revive and rehabilitate a beautiful individual species, watching her bounce back and live her life in a fantastic new enclosure at Taronga Zoo, Sydney (I was a volunteer there for over a year so I got some great behind the scenes access).

When I see other marine life in our oceans choked by pollution, strangled by plastic wrapped around their necks and those that sadly get entangled and drown in drift nets. So when I learned that there was swimwear fabric out there that is made from reclaimed ghost nets, I got quite excited.

Watch this space to learn more about this journey as it will be a personal one for me to know that I can help reduce the nets killing the beautiful marine life in our oceans but also to reduce our waste as even our offcuts can be regenerated and not simply thrown away.

I'm excited... I can tell you are too now...

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far. Keep in touch and tell us how you're doing.

Lots of love,


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