Who's Behind Mermaid In England?

Antonia and Natasha

Great to meet you, I'm Antonia. I am the owner Mermaids behind Mermaid In England. Natasha is the creative genius behind Mermaid In England. Born in Bermuda and living in Bristol, her inspiration, she recalls, was from some motherly advise when she bought a white bikini in Las Vegas some years ago. To avoid any embarressment she stepped into a hotel room shower to 'road test' the transparency of the new bikini. Much to her expectations and dismay it was not a bikini to be worn to get wet (in public at least). Although it could've be a wasted purchase, it led to the great and ingenious idea behind the colour change swimwear we produce today.

We both lived our lives in sunny tropical climes, so it may seem a bit unusual to have a swimwear business in the not so warm part of the world we now call home. We are both mothers and both up for the challenge to balance the wild ride of motherhood with work and business ownership. It's a bumpy ride however we are holding on as we believe Mermaid In England can bring some joy and light into the world, put a smile on your face and change our perceptions we have and hold about ourselves and our bodies around swimwear.

Natasha has since stepped away from the business so it's all over to me.

I'm the business engine behind it all. I love meeting people and talking to them about the company and what we have to offer. What was once my idea of insanity is now fast becoming my favourite thing to do. Through these connections, the world of business is rapidly expanding and having such gems and genius' who can bring their wealth of knowlegde and experienece to the table is invaluable. The collaborations, the partnerships, the joint-ventures, the transactions, the sales and marketing, they all stop with me. Life before children was in sales and marketing, coaching and consulting to small businesses however not in England funnily enough.

I was born in Hong Kong, and lived in sunny Australia for 12 years before returning to England. To be honest going into business wasn't on my radar whilst in the throes of early years parenting however that all changed because what we have is something so unique and different. It's a bit of fun, a ray of light, a small contribution to some joy we have to bring to the world.

Natasha and I met in 2016 at school drop off. Her son and my eldest daughter were in the same class and with the tiny space we had in those days to organise our kids before sending them into the class, it was hard not to brush past one another without a hello or good morning. And so we struck up our friendship...

I asked her to come to a fundraising Halloween Party as I was rasing money for a little known organisation called Play Kenya who help children, as young as two, to make sense of the abuse and trauma their little bodies and minds have endured so young. I was compelled to help raise awareness and much needed funds by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. On the 6th January 2017 at 6.15am I summitted the 5895m peak. It was a challenge like no other. Summitting was the worst day and the best day rolled into one long climb up and descent back down.

Thanks to that life changing experience I felt compelled to do more, be more and stop playing small. It was time to let go of the past I felt was holding me in my place.

That's when Mermaid In England came back to life. I was ready. And I hope you are too!

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