• Our Quality Story

    It takes five women and over 237 years of experience to make one piece of swimwear.

  • Why We Have a Guarantee

    • Our swimwear range is handmade by five craftswomen for every individual piece.
    • Every stitch is chosen with care and over 237 years of expertise.
    • Your swimwear will not pill, bobble, fade or fall apart, that's our guarantee.
    • There are no nasty chemicals involved in making your swimwear.
    • In short, every item that lands on your doorstep is made with LOVE by working craftswomen in the UK who we passionately support.

  • We Are All Choosing to Support Working Women

    Your swimwear choice:


    Keeps our manufacturing in the U.K. healthy and thriving.

    Keeps skilled craftswomen happily employed when the rest of the industry has gone overseas to exploit cheap labour.

    Ensures that these vital skills stay alive and are passed on to others

    Ensures these women can continue to support or contribute to their families.


    Together we are all a community of women making a positive impact in the world


  • If You Buy Cheap Someone Always Loses

    It's not the retail store

    It's not the wholesaler

    It's not the manufacturer


    It's nearly always the lowest paid worker on the factory floor who loses, the woman or child making the garment.


    When you become a Mermaid you know you've made a great choice because we will NEVER manufacture overseas to exploit cheap labour just to make a bit more profit.


    WOO HOO!!

  • Here Are The Women Who Make Your Swimwear

    Well their hands at least

    This is Jackie

    A stitching genius

    Jackie said she loved the quality of what we're making. (Great feedback from a woman who has made items for exclusive, global lingerie brands). And after 46 years of experinece, she's seen everything and anything.

    She also said that the "...colour change is a great idea! You get two looks for the price of one bikini"

    This is Kath

    The most experienced craftswoman

    Kath recommends using the zig zag stitching around the seam because not only is it stronger, it's also more elastic, coping better as it stretches and so less likely to break. As the swimwear is worn, the stitching copes better with daily stretch. It's no wonder some of the best known brands are working with them.

    This is Tracy

    The Production Supervisor

    Tracy she showed me what a difference 1mm can make to the items they produce. Her attention to detail and care for the worksmanship, combined with the sheer level of experience in her team has, is staggering down to their choice of how each individual piece is crafted.

  • Buying With Confidence

    Remember By Owning a Mermaid You Are:

    • Part of a community focused on doing good
    • Supporting working craftswomen
    • Choosing quality over cheap and disposable
    • You are exploiting no-one
    • Your part of a movement to positively change how ALL our bodies are portrayed
    • You're covered by our guarantee

  • 12 Month Return and Replace Guarantee


    If you feel that your swimwear has not lived up to the quality we believe, then just return your swimwear to us and we will replace it. No hassles, no quibbles.

    Simple really.

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