• Change The Way You Feel About Swimwear

  • Why Buy Mermaid In England?

    You're not just Buying Swimwear

    You are Part of a Force for Positive Change

    Why Colour Change?

    It's More Than Just Innovative Design

    • CHANGE: Change how your feel about swimwear
    • LOVE: It symbolises the transformational power of loving who you are from the inside out.
    • STRENGTH: It symbolises your inner strength
    • AMAZING: It symbolises we are ENOUGH
    • HAPPY: Heck, let's face it, it also makes you feel GREAT about yourself :)
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    Why Mermaid In England?

    Transforming Our Community

    • SISTERHOOD: We are a sisterhood of like-minded women transforming our industry.
    • COMMUNITY: Focused on positively changing the portrayal of our bodies.
    • STORY: Every woman has their story.
    • QUALITY: Proudly made in Britain.
    • REVOLUTION: You are part of a revolution.
    • NEXT GENERATION: Images like ours must become the norm in the media for the generations that follow us.

    "...when you let your light shine, it gives others' permission to let their light shine too."

    ~ Marianne Williamson

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  • What Our Mermaids Are Saying

    Don't Take Our Word For It

    "I absolutely love the bikinis because they're so unique, lots of fun, and unlike anything else available. Very happy with my purchases and love the surprise people get when I get in the water! ...definitely worth the wait!!"

    Janice, NSW, Australia

    "I recently bought a color-change bikini and of course tried it out right away! ...it's a great fit, comfortable, and high quality...

    I can recommend the mermaid bikinis and am already considering buying another design!

    The perfect garment for a hot summer!"

    Stephanie, Germany

    " I bought your Vegas Baby monkini... and wanted to tell you how AMAZING I think it is! It's so flattering, I love the shape, not to mention it's such a lovely idea! Will definitely order again some day, I'm very pleased. Keep up the good work"


    Erika, Brighton.

    "I love what you stand for! Wearing my Inner Glow bikini has completely changed how I feel now."

    Lynne, Australia

    "It's beautiful, they are really beautiful"

    Leane, North Somerset.

    "Oh my goodness... that's so brilliant!"

    Kelly, London.

  • No More Unrealistic Photoshopped Bodies

    We are OUR size, not "Plus Size"

    Not This

    The Toxic Body Portrayal

    • Images like this contribute to women hating their bodies and they are not even REAL!
    • We know they negatively impact women's self esteem, at it's worse leads to mental heath concerns and eating disorders.
    • These images create unrealistic expectations that leave women prey to industries that make money from our insecurities
    • The dominating "thin" model choice does not reflect the REAL world and we believe every BODY is beautiful and reflecting body diversity in marketing and advertising is key to our collective health.
    • You're not just wearing swimwear, you are part of a VISIBLE movement to encourage poitive body image.

    But This

    Reclaiming the Ground

    • Mermaid In England is on a mission to reclaim the body beautiful in all its forms.
    • We champion REAL bodies of REAL women who are healthy mentally, physically and emotionally.
    • We are a "conscious business" we believe we can shift the focus away from self interest and greed that has made things worse, not better.
    • We believe in ensuring our business also supports other working women (read more here...)
    • Together with YOU we will leave a more poistive legacy for the next generation
    • AND... we will have some fun while we are doing it :)


  • The REAL Transformation Begins

    Get a sneak peek from behind the scenes of our photoshoot

    The REAL Women Photoshoot

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    Video and images courtesy of Viktoria Kuti Photography

  • The Women Who Make Our Swimwear

    • Made in Britain, supporting working women and their families
    • It take five women with 237 years of experience to make one bikini
    • Made at the same factory who makes some of the biggest luxury underwear brands in the world
    • Your swimwear won't fade, bobble, pill, stretch or wear out. That's our guarantee.
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