One Seriously Amazing Surprise - Turning 40 was about to get REAL

December 12, 2017

One Seriously Amazing Surprise - Turning 40 was about to get REAL

I had absolutely no idea.

I had been out at a meeting with fellow mums to discuss the new childrens range we will be launching in Spring 2018. My husband had the car and so I took my time getting home that morning not realising he had been trying to entice me home so he could give me the surprise of my life!

I was soon to be turning 40 when I opened the door on this day. I fussed around trying to organise myself for my next meeting and yet, very patiently, my husband was trying to extract me from the next room.

When I came home that morning, I had been stopped by at least 2 people just getting to my front door and I of course had no idea they had been waiting for 3 hours for me. My husband had woken up ludicrously early to get to Heathrow and meet her and traffic on the way home was good so a lot of sitting around and waiting.

I had just spoken to my sister about 2 days previously on Facetime. She lives in New Zealand with her husband and two young boys' and the chances of us meeting up on a regular basis are very slim. Even though we lived in Australia for 12 years, with a young family it becomes a logistical challenge and quite a financial committent just to 'pop across the ditch'. With us moving back to England, it was even less likely we would see each other. I hadn't seen her for 3.5 years. She last visited us just after my youngest daughter was born.

My sneaky husband had this all planned out. No-one knew except the two of them (and perhaps my nephews and brother-in-law for logistical reasons). She was the last person I expected to see. And how amazing it was to see her.

See for yourselves. Enjoy.

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