"I Look At Myself With Kinder Eyes" Celebrating Amazing Women

October 16, 2020

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook but for this reason ALONE I love it... memories.

Two years ago to the day Mermaid In England was brought into the public eye with this wonderful video and has had 75,800 views. I am enormously proud of each and every one of our glorious women who took part in our photoshoots.

A women with scars from her burns is wearing a blue halter neck bikini in a photoshoot for Mermaid In England colour change swimwear. The image is a link to a video the BBC filmed of the photoshoots Mermaid In England ran with over 50 volunteer women.

This short video from BBC Bristol features one of our groups, when in fact we had over 50 women participate, standing in front of a camera in a bikini - it's enough to make anyone shudder but for these women, they ran with it, changing their mindset, changing the way they feel, the way they look at themselves, and their lives.

These photoshoots were transformational and it became clear we were not JUST a swimwear company.

Click here to view the full video and stand with me to clap these incredible women.

Thank you I am enormously grateful for each and every one of you.

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