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Media Release; Time to change our perceptions of our bodies

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Over one hundred ordinary women have volunteered to help a British Bristol-based swimwear company tackle the issue of body image diversity to promote an innovative range of bikinis and swimsuits.

Mermaid in England is to permanently use everyday women of all body shapes, instead of professional models, on its website and in all its advertising to positively change the way body image is presented in the swimwear industry and media.

Over 125 women responded to a request for models after just one social media post by the Mermaid in England’s Owner, Antonia Furlong.

Antonia said, “I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response, I wanted 5 volunteers and got 125! Clearly, this is something which resonates with many women. We have a problem where, young girls especially, are under pressure to be a certain shape or look a certain way to be considered attractive resulting in unrealistic body image ideals which can led to negative self-image and mental health issues.

We feel we have a perfect opportunity along with a responsibility within the industry to address that imbalance. Using normal, everyday, real women to promote our swimwear means we are part of the solution, not the problem. We are a small business with big ambitions to revolutionise the way women view themselves and their bodies.”

Collaborating with Bristol based boudoir and portrait photographer, Viktoria Kuti, both women are passionate about helping change women’s perceptions of themselves.

Viktoria said “Our message to women is: regardless of what size or shape you are, you and your body are beautiful.”

Mermaid in England is owner run by Antonia a mum of two young daughters, and all their swimwear is manufactured in Britain

To arrange an interview with Antonia and the Mermaid in England models, contact:

Antonia Furlong on +44 (0)7427 381751 or Alan on +44 (0)7391 662123

Image: Some of the 100 ‘mermaids’ who responded to the call for models.

Photo by Victoria Kuti Photography

Note to Editors

  • Mermaid in England is the creator of a unique range of swimsuits and bikinis which change colour when wet.
  • All of Mermaid in England’s range is British-made and produced in a factory in South Wales.
  • All swimwear is hand-made by five craftswomen without the use of chemicals.
  • Antonia is seeking models of all ages body shapes and ethnic backgrounds for future modelling opportunities and happy to hear from professional designers who would like to be involved in the future collaborations.
  • For more info see
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