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Marketing Genius I Laughed Out Loud

Who knew oat milk could be so funny?

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It was an odd one I admit, it isn't something I normally read, however my husband brought my attention to the story on the side of the packing for some oat milk. I had just run out of cow's milk that morning and so my 'go to alternative' was the oat milk (not 100% convinced to make the full transfer away from dairy products right now, could be on the cards at some point later this year...).

I also don't normally have the milk on the table, it's added to the tea, ceareal (whatever food items it requires) and put back in the fridge. It would have been easy to not read it.

This oat milk is produced by a Swedish business and I was drawn into their story because it was funny. It was easy to read and it made me laugh out loud. I also am a sucker for a good story. I'm intrugued by what makes business tick, what the people behind the face of the business have brought together (I am also 25% swedish so natural curiosity drew me to the big bit on the side of the carton that joked about the awful weather in Sweden - maybe the bad weather angle is something us Brits can relate to?).


SO yes, even a story on the side of an oat milk carton can make you stop and read. I'm a marketers ideal as I am now reading everything I come across so I feel I can understand that littlebit more about them and their product.


You may not like what you see on a lot of products, but every now and again, something will catch your eye and because of that pause to read, I am now their customer who likes their sense of humour, who believes and agrees with their morals and ethics. I will now only buy their oat milk despite the milk market being flooded with diary alternatives.


Seeing beliefs, morals, ethics on the side of the package led me to their website where I learn even more - I'm a marketers dream as I am being led through their marketing channels and funnels


There is so much noise out in the marketplace that yes you do have to approach from a slightly sideways angle.


What have you seen recently that made you stop, pause and read, has anything?

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