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Keeping Up Appearances

Our psychological changes

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The other night I did a unique thing. I watched a bit of TV (I usually spend my evenings catching up on the things that happen whilst I'm with my two girls). The program I watched was a broad brush stroke type program and not something I would normally have watched, but the more it went on the more interested I became.

It was about appearances; what we think we look like and what are we prepared to do to change it, alter it, spend on it.

A couple of tests were run covering a number of different aspects (and I felt didn't go into enough depth, but that wasn't the scope of the program). For example cheap vs expensive and if you get what you buy, whether the stuff does what its says it does, what we believe we look like when we see our own images, what we do when we see different types of packaging.

It got me thinking... A LOT and I drew the following 4 conclusions:

1. We believe we look very different to what we actually look like and what others see.

2. The advertising industry have a lot to answer for.

3. You don't have to pay much to get something that does a similar, if not better, job.

4. Packaging plays a HUGE role in our buying psychology.

What struck a nerve for me more thank anything was what our buying habits do when we perceive something as a 'luxury' item or product.

Although, like I said there wasn't much detail, however our psychology changes depending on the product we see. The test run was on packaging and whether the people who saw the same product, but in different packaging would they buy it regardless of price?

What it showed us was how our psychology is transformed when we see a 'luxurious' item. We are made to feel worse about ourselves; the way we look, how much we value ourselves etc., and so if you buy that said product, you will feel better.

The way the product looks makes you feel bad, so you buy it to make yourself feel better.

For some reason I couldn't quite get past that point. We are made to feel worse so we buy something we are led to believe will make us feel better? Business for profits sake and , share holder maximisation has a lot to answer for. Make customers feel worse so they buy more.

And so my journey begins to change this. I have a few ideas of how this can be achieved and I start looking for those products that don't use this buying psychology...

I'd love to see if you know of any?

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