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Four Life Lessons That May Help You

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I’m over a year into the journey of building a conscious commercial enterprise that does good first and makes money second and I’ve learned some big lessons.
I’m sharing them because I hope they reach your heart at the right time and also I’d love to hear your life lessons too, to remind us all to be our true selves.


  1. Just try. I don’t care if its standing up to an overpowering mother, setting up a business, speaking your truth, coming out to your family or starting a movement JUST TRY… success or failure doesn’t even come into it. Just try because in the trying comes change, growth, the overcoming of fear, an appreciation of your divinity and so much more. Don’t stay stuck, just try.
  2. Faith moves mountains. I never thought I’d say this but the moment I started operating from a place of faith, from a place of the divinity within miracles started to happen. You can do life through striving, efforting and pushing, or you can tap into the force that makes the flowers grow and the planets revolve. I choose faith and love as my operating system. Give it a try too, without expectation, and watch what happens.
  3. Ask yourself ‘what can’t I see?’ When I did that, without attachment, I realized my prices were holding people back. What I couldn’t see was that I was attached to a number because of the time, effort and quality of what we produce. I was attached and blind to the fact that we still need to deliver VALUE and that is in your eyes not mine. So we changed all our pricing to deliver remarkable value. So what can’t you see? What is in the way of you living a meaningful, honest and happy life?
  4. Keep moving forward.The moment we ran our first real women photo-shoot I was criticized. And that criticism, for representing women in an honest way, has not gone away. I have cried, I have wanted to go back into my safe box; I’ve wanted to give up. But then I remember our WHY. The reason we’re all doing this. To change how we’re portrayed in the media and to create a more life enhancing, positive landscape for the next generation. So I keep moving forward. Nothing you do that is amazing can be achieved in any other way than taking single, deliberate steps every day. That is the essence of moving forward.

I know and have heard your amazing stories. I’d love to hear more about your courage, your strength and your passion to live an authentic life.

I'm all ears!

With love,


Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Mum and Chocolate Eater

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