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Factory Closes

I’ve been trying to fathom the news that these incredibly talented and utterly lovely ladies have probably faced one very tough Christmas. A few months ago the last remaining apparel factory in South Wales has had to close. It has ceased trading and all 41 of these ladies are without a job. How crap is that? Bit shit they start the New Year looking for work, wondering how to make that next mortgage payment.

I have had the fortune to meet, get to know them and learn how talented and experienced these women are and I am so proud that they have made all our swimwear. I am determined however to continue to help them and bring them back into employment.
It’s devastating to learn the details to all this and glean what the knock on effect this factory closure means. For some women they have now been made redundant 3 times because manufacturing has increasingly moved overseas. There was only two factories in the whole of Wales manufacturing clothing and now there’s only one remaining.
Small businesses like ours depend on factories like these because of the lower entry costs to market. Factories like this allow us to reduce ordering quantities, reduce our carbon footprint and support local communities.

That’s why it’s imperative we support local business that support local supply chains and keep manufacturing in Britain. It’s such a huge loss but it does illustrate how YOUR choices you make can and do impact the economy.

Help us help them and ensure you buy British where you can. I can tell you now, their skill and expertise is beyond expectations.

So buy your next bikini for your next holiday from us because then with increasing demand means we manufacture more and keep these ladies employed.

Don’t just buy because of the price, buy because you know you are helping not just those you buy from but for so many others in the supply chain. Cheap, fast fashion doesn’t mean better. More often than not cheaper is worse quality and impacts both ethical standards and environmental standards.
Our swimwear lasts because it’s made well with good quality fabrics and pieces together by the nimble and experienced machinists you see here. I have been surprised to learn how some swimwear women I've spoken to hasn't even lasted the summer holiday. That blows my mind, and yet they were prepared to pay John Lewis prices for the privilege. So they are prepared to pay the John Lewis price but suffer the quality and longevity.

Not so long ago, Strictly winner Stacey Dooley did a fascinating documentary about 'What cost of fast fashion?' which I was fascinated to watch specifically learning what the costs were to the personal health and environment in places like Indonesia. Corporates... actually you know what, I won't get started here about it. It just infuriates me how profit maximisation is the only way to transact. It dehumanises.


Please support small, local business when you can because I can assure you we always do a very happy dance when you do buy from us.

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